If you ask anyone who knows me well, “what is one thing Nife doesn’t mind spending money on?” you will hear Shoes!!! Some like cars, watches, jeans… I love a nice pair of shoes!! With that being said, here goes some of the ones that were added to my shoes salon this year. PA0_8588-3141079907-O PA0_4950-3469423735-O PA0_6698-3645381949-O-681x1024 PA0_7212-681x1024 PA0_7252-681x1024 PA0_7419-681x1024 See more here.DSC_8996-900x600 in white, love these.PAO_7149-3182892519-O-900x598 PA0_9068-3234895247-O-681x1024 Buy similar sandals, here.PAO_7334-3182900952-O-681x1024Similar in nude, here. PA0_6249-3588147620-O

See more from the designer, herePA0_9977-3287772835-O1-681x1024Buy similar shoes, here.PA0_0162-3363960064-O1-681x1024

IMG_2355 See blue version, here.PA0_0107-3363957039-O-900x598 PA0_4872-3469420271-O1-681x1024(similar, similar, see more options, here.) PA0_4513-3434449752-O1-900x598 PA0_4431-3434446964-O-900x598 PA0_3237-3413647431-O-900x598 PA0_3125-3413296324-O-681x1024 PA0_5651-3518091675-O-681x1024PA0_6173-3588146751-O-681x1024

Nails by Bleu Lily.

With Love Always
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