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I had my baby shower back in May and it was everything I hoped for. What I initially wanted was going to cost around $10k but after talking to Olu and some of my friends, I came to my senses (lol). It just wasn’t worth it to me and I thought it was better for me to use that money towards other things which was what I ended up doing. Since I’m an all or nothing type of person, I almost canceled the shower but Olu and my friends talked me out of that. I’m so glad they did because I had to cancel my baby shower while pregnant with Ire the day of and I just wanted a chance to celebrate this joyous occasion with my loved ones. I wanted a bigger version of our gender reveal which was pretty much being having good food and great vibes with surrounded by people we deeply care for. If you’re thinking about having a baby shower and not sure where to start, I’ve got you!! Below are 9 things you need to do to have a flawless baby shower. Cake by: Mon Delice
Backdrop by:Luxe Ambiance

How To Plan a BabyShower 101

  1. Come up with a realistic budget: this is very important because it guides all your decision making and keeps you in check.
  2. Figure out what theme you want: If you’re unsure or need more inspirations, Pinterest is your best friend. If you have friends that are creative when it comes to such, reach out to them and ask for help.
  3. List out things that you can’t do without: this really helps while planning because if you find yourself going over budget, you know what to keep or take out. The things I couldn’t do without in no particular order were music, photography, decor/backdrop, food, hair and outfit.
  4. Create date and time: This makes things easier when talking to vendors, looking for venues and even inviting guests. The earlier you know, the better because vendors gets booked fast especially during Summer time and this also gives your guests a heads up.
  5. Reach out to vendors and share your vision. Some people may say that you should find the venue before reaching out to vendors and I think this depends on the individual. Since I knew all the vendors I wanted to use, I reached out and told them the month I wanted to have my baby shower and asked about their availability. The date that worked for everyone was what I used to secure a location.
  6. Find venue: I don’t think this needs an explanation (lol). You need a place to have the shower, even if it’s in your backyard. Like I said, looking for a location was easy after knowing what dates my vendors were available.
  7. Create a guest-list: Please don’t wait until last minute like me because I ended up forgetting to invite some people that I would have loved to be there. My friend set up the invitation for me by using everyone’s favorite app, evite.
  8. Create a registry: To kill two birds with one stone, add your registry info with the shower invitation.
  9. Plan activities: Have an idea how you want the shower to be, do you want games or just a sip and chill type of event? If you want games, you have to prepare ahead of time for this because many baby shower games includes printing out papers, providing pens and sometimes props for guests to use. It’s good to also think of gifts and souvenirs. One of my friends took care of the games and shoutout to my cousin that hosted the shower.
  10. Have fun!!!

Photography//SMN Studio