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Nifesimi- who came to America from Nigeria with her family at a very young age- embodies a style that nicely blends her Nigerian-American roots. As an extension of this much, Nifesimi has always had an eye for all things vibrant and non conformist. While a lover of very chic, classic pieces, she isn’t afraid to experiment with fashion- always adding her own personal flair. Outside of working on digital content, nifesimi enjoys listening to music and cooking.

Being a wife and a full-time mom (to 3-year old Ire) has enabled her to expand her blog content from strictly fashion to other lifestyle categories such as: baby styles, mommy fitness, cooking, home decor and mommy tips. She has been featured in The Washingtonian Magazine, Essence, Lucky Magazine, Washingtonian Bride and Groom and Refinery29.


  1. Hello.

    My name is Ada, and I am a DC-based, certified fitness instructor. While I love the workouts I do in the US, I cannot hide my pride in our Nigerian culture. I am also passionate about revamping the face that fitness has back home, and making it an enjoyable experience. To that end, I’ve put together several workouts to Nigerian songs. The goal is to release one on YouTube per week. I was hoping you could help me get the word out by posting on your page. Please view and let me know what you think. Also, subscribe, and you’ll know when a new one is released.


    Instagram: @ada_ari
    Youtube: adagurl

  2. Hello, I love this blog! I would love to know where you purchase your African pieces from, Thank you

  3. Hi Simi* (Nifesimi)

    I just want to say I love your blog, an addict, helps a lot when I run out ideas on what to wear.. Love Love Looove it

    Lots of love all the way from South Africa
    Charlotte. A.K.A Chie

  4. I love this blog! Fashion and style is a perfect mix. If you want to check out some awesome beautiful handmade jewelry check out chincharmaloney.com. I can not say enough about them!

  5. Hi Nife,
    I am so loving your blog, your style is right up my alley. I first saw you on @peakmill ‘s YT channel and you guys were showing an assortment of OOTDs you wore and there was this one particular outfit where you paired a pink dress, white shirt and a turquoise trench and I thought ” How bold,how daring….how me!” lol
    Love what you create, you truly inspire me & my work
    Love from South Africa,
    Gugu (@missgeecoza)

  6. @ skinny hipster I love your blog, your fashion trend and styles thrills me and your idea of having people to recreate your looks is amazing.

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