Hi guys!! First I’ll like to say Yahhh we made it to 2015, all glory to God.  In 2014, I experienced a lot of growth and learning. One lesson learned is that “Life is too short”.  I know that sounds vague and a bit cliché, but it’s the truth.  I learned to be very careful and wise about the people that I want around me.  I also learned that I should not have to dumb down my talent to make others feel comfortable
Last year, I embraced my natural hair more than I have ever before and loved it. I wanted to continue until an unfortunate incident with a very strong, very permanent, dye.  My hair is fried but I’m working hard to bring it back and hopefully soon (:

I want to continue to learn and not give up on my dreams.  I want to travel more and love harder.  I plan on being wiser, prioritizing and focusing my energy on positivity.  Like My Mister (lol) said, I want to be fearless!!  This year, I’ll be adding some exciting things to the blog and doing more videos.  I am also going to work on responding to emails on time- I’m very horrible at that.  If you  have any comments or suggestions on what you’ll like to see or how to improve the site please feel free to email me at SkinnyHipsterBlog@gmail.com- I promise I don’t bite :-p

In church, last Sunday, my pastor talked about stocks and inventory.  Not in the sense of money but in the actions we took throughout the year. It really got me thinking. Life is more than tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and the number of likes each post garners.    Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all the love but if that’s all that I’ve accomplished in 2014 I’ve failed.  With the New Year, I want you to think about what the inventory of your life was like in 2014 and how you spent your year.  Think about what you did and if you did it well. Is the world changing you or are you changing the world.  Most importantly, this year I want us all to invest in our talents wisely.  Never give up on your dreams no matter your age, race, oppositions or whatever situation you are in.  It may seem hard now but trust me,  everything we are going through now is for God’s name to be glorified.  Delay is not denial.

With Love Always
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