What I’m wearing
Andrea Iyamah River Basket Earrings ($45)
BCBG ribbed dress: similar, similar, love this
Fenoel Robe: newer version here and here.
Tom Ford sandals

Breaking News: Ire is getting a sibling this year!!We are so thrilled, and we cannot wait to meet our little bundle of joy.I know I’ve been MIA for some time now and that’s because I’ve been going through new life changes. You guys probably think I went into hiding because of my pregnancy, but that’s not fully the case (lol). I went back to working in retail last Fall. Between being a full time mom, a wife, and my new role, juggling everything  required a lot of my time, and it became overwhelming. I started working at one of the busiest seasons in retail- the holiday season. I tried to keep up with my social media accounts, but I just didn’t have the mental and physical capacity to do so as consistently as I would have liked.

Now that things are starting to slow down, and I’ve settled into my new role at work, I’m ready to give content creation my all again. I’ll be more active on my social media accounts, and I’ll blog at least once a month. With that being said I’m so happy to be back!!! I actually thought about extending my break until after having my baby, but after having a serious talk with one of my girlfriends, she convinced me to come back. Not just come back but to come back strong and rebuild the connection I once had with my audience, and i can’t wait to start doing that.

If there is anything you’d like to know, please leave comments or message me on my social media platforms, and I will dedicate another post to it.

Ire is wearing:
Old Navy Dress ($12.97)
Target Flats ($12.74)

Photography//SMN Studio