Hi guys, sorry for my lack of post these past few days.  My internet has been on crack but no worries someone is coming to take a look at it next week.  This is what I wore to my friend’s wedding some weeks ago. Have a wonderful weekend Xx. PAO_7404-3287774661-O PAO_7406-3287774888-O PAO_7407-3287774848-O PAO_7408-3287775055-O PAO_7410-3287775316-O PAO_7411-3287775278-O PAO_7412-3287775373-O PAO_7414-3287775788-O PAO_7421-3287776236-O

Chilling with my girl, Nneka. PAO_7424-3287776272-O

PAO_7425-3287776496-O PAO_7427-3287776655-O PAO_7430-3287776729-OMac | BcbgMaxazria Clutch| BcbgMaxazria Dress|(love this)| Shoes: Christian Louboutin (old, love this)

Nails By Bleu Lily.