Mother’s day is a few days away and boy is it going to be a very unique one because of Covid 19. Fellas, this is the time to get creative and make this a Mother’s Day we’ll never forget.

Below are gift idea suggestions for every mother out there.

  1. Buying flowers is always a good idea and most women appreciate this. This mother’s day, head to your local florist store or order on line if it isn’t too late.
  2. Beauty Products such a perfumes and skin care products. Every woman loves to smell good no matter the age, and this is why perfumes always makes the best gifts. Another great beauty option are facial cleansers and masks. Since most of us are home, many are complaining about dry skin and how much they miss getting facials so this would make a great gift.
  3. Loungewear sets are a hit right now because who doesn’t want to look chic and comfortable while staying at home?
  4. Candles, you can never go wrong with these as long as you know the types of scent the person likes. For example, I love anything vanilla so that would be the perfect candle scent to buy me.
  5. Cards and gift-cards to any of her favorite stores. I personally find personalized cards to be very thoughtful and it really brightens up my day

If you’re on a tight budget because of everything that is going on or just want to do something outside the box below are four wonderful ideas for you.

  • Give her a day off, take care of the kids and do all the chores for the day. As mothers, we often have a lot on our plates, being able to relax without having to worry about children, husbands etc would be awesome. Having a mental break is very important especially now, during quarantine.
  • Bring the spa home, Use her beauty products to give her a spa-level facial at home. This would actually be lots of fun and I see you guys laughing throughout this experience. Watch some youtube videos and put on your esthetician hat for a few hours (lol). If you really want to give her an unforgettable day, end it with a massage.
  • Cook!!! I’m not sure what goes on in your household, but in most, mothers do majority of the cooking. You can do breakfast in bed (yes that still works), a nice lunch and something yummy for dinner. If you need recipes, check out my Kundy’sKitchen Instagram page, I’ve got plenty recipes saved under various highlights with step by step instructions or you can just google. If you’re not into the whole cooking thing, order in!! Many restaurants are taking curbside orders, so order from one of her favorite restaurants.
  • Speaking of food, you don’t have to stop there. If you have a deck or backyard, set up a nice picnic area and eat outside if the whether permits. All you need is a blanket or old bedsheets to sit on and of course food and drinks.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s from your heart and I know she’s going to love it!

 Photographed by Sulaemn Studio