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PA0_6705-3645382148-O PA0_6706-3645382170-OWet ‘N Wild “Cherry Bomb” Lipstick|($1.99)| Thrifted Vest (try this or this)| Sweater (try this or this)| American Eagle Shorts (similar, curvy, more options)| BcbgMaxazria Boots (brown color).

Since the weather has been so good to us down here,  I was able to incorporate my boyfriend shorts into this look.   What attracted me to these boots is its comfortability and versatility and can be worn on daily basis.  It can be paired with leggings, skirts, shorts, dresses jeans- you name it.   One of the benefits of a knee-high boots is that it elongates your legs.   Although it’s retailed at $450, it’s such a great investment.  It’s real leather and fits true to size.  Also, with the boots being over the knee, it allows me to wear shorts things without looking inappropriate.

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