One of the many benefits of having a slim boyfriend is being able to “borrow,” but really steal some of  his clothes.  Whenever Olu wears a top that I like, which is very often, I go “ohh, I like can I have?”  I usually get a no but after begging and nagging, I’m sometimes awarded the top.  This shirt was of course no exception lol. Thanks Olu!!

PA0_4507-3434449455-O PA0_4510-3434449624-O PA0_4512-3434449628-O PA0_4513-3434449752-O PA0_4530-3434450257-O PA0_4533-3434450346-OMac Liptick| BF Top (similar here)| Similar Blazer here | Similar Pants here| Zara Sandals( old, try these)