Today’s Skinny Hip is the queen of turbans, Cannon Ball Armstrong.  Her big sister, Riley is the first child I featured on my blog (here)- their parents make such beautiful babies.  Looking at this little cutie, what is there not to love?  With her beautiful smile and all the cool faces she makes, her personality definitely comes out in her pictures.  Lets not forget her favorite accessory, turbans!!  What do you guys think, is Cannon Ball Skinny Hip?Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-27-43-1 Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-27-47-1 Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-28-11-1 Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-28-22-1 Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-28-27-1 Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-29-19-1 Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-30-00-1 Screenshot_2015-03-05-13-36-15-1Connect With Cannon Ball via her mom’s social media: BlogFacebookInstagramTwitter| Tumblr.

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