There is a lot going on in the world right now and dressing up to your next video meeting shouldn’t be a stressor. With Covid-19, most of us are home, attending lots of video conferences with coworkers, friends and loved ones.  Many of us want to look decent without having to put in much effort and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Whether your next meeting/hang out is on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Webex or wherever, I want you to look your best.

Videoconferencing with friends and loved one isn’t a big deal because you can practically wear anything ex. PJS. It’s a different ballgame in a professional setting which can make dressing up quite tricky. You obviously don’t have to be all done- up, but it’s vital to look presentable. Good news is that people only see you from waist down so all you have to do is get half-dressed. I’ve rounded up tops for you to wear to your next video conference with coworkers and loved ones. There are many options and all under $50. For the organza tops, remember to wear a tank inside for any of your professional related meetings.

Four Things You Shouldn’t Wear To A Professional Video Conference Meeting

  1. Tank Tops
  2. Revealing tops that shows cleavage/ midriff
  3. Tops with profane words
  4. Anything that constantly needs adjustment because it’s too distracting