There is a lot going on around the world currently and I want to use my voice to stand with my people- black people. Many conversations are going on about what we can do to hold people accountable when it comes to racism against blacks and how to help. If you want to support black people outside of donating, protesting, educating yourself and other things I will urge you to shop Black. I started being intentional about supporting more black designers last year and it’s crazy because I’ve been meaning to do a video or blog post about this for some months now. I spoke about this on my Instagram stories last Summer so I’m super excited about today’s post. I’ve listed 50 black owned businesses you can support in the beauty, fashion, home interior and photography industries. I’ve bought from some of these companies and can’t wait to support the rest as time goes on. I hope today’s post helps someone and if you know other black owned businesses that belongs in today’s post please let me know.

Beauty Brands/ businesses

  1. Catherine Marion
  2. PeakMill Official (hair)
  3. Rad Swan
  4. Iman Cosmetics
  5. Alikay Naturals
  6. The Lip Bar
  7. Curl Box
  8. Shea Moisture
  9. Pat McGrath Labs
  10. Black Opal Beauty
  11. Mented Cosmetics
  12. Fenty Beauty
  13. Pattern Beauty
  14. TPH by Taraji
  15. Nashel’s Hair Beauty (Sherri does my braids)
  16. Vanity The Salon (she has been doing my nails for years)


  1. Valerie Black
  2. Leah-Victoriah
  3. Damola Jumo
  4. Tulle Blvd
  5. ID Noble
  6. LeyeLesi
  7. Fully Covered Still Fly 
  8. Shop Oyato
  9. Demestik
  10. Love, Cortnie
  11. Shop Silhouette
  12. The Kemist Store
  13. Shop A.AU
  14. Kai Collective
  15. Sai Sankoh
  16. Hanifa
  17. Fe Noel
  18. Andrea Iyamah
  19. Fanm Djanm
  20. Shop Caribbean Cowgirl
  21. Style Selfie
  22. Virgos Lounge
  23. BFyne


  1. Decorelle
  2. Decorated by Dina
  3. Forbes Masters
  4. The Black Home Design


  1. Smn. Studios
  2. Olot Photography
  3. Tunji Studio
  4. Wale Ariztos
  5. Joshua Kissi
  6. Itaysha Jordan
  7. Andre Wagner