Olu and I are very intentional when it comes to the way we are raising Ire. Even when it comes to books, we are conscious about the types of book we buy her because let’s be honest, representation matters. We want Ire to see familiar faces to identify with in the books that we read to her. I deliberately make sure that these books are also written by black authors to get true perspectives. Olu and I grew up not really seeing many black characters on tv shows, movies, books etc. When we did, they were mostly portrayed in a negative way.  Reading books with brown characters of all shades that talk about our beautiful skin color, hair and black leaders to Ire is something that truly brings me joy.  It’s ok to celebrate the skin we are in and I know it may seem like it’s not a big deal to some but it truly is. To grow up knowing that your black is beautiful, seeing people who look like you and share similar life experiences being portrayed in a good light goes a long way. It brings hope, confidence and most importantly inclusivity. It’s never too early to talk about race and I get really emotional knowing I will have to have this conversation with my baby girl in a few years. Reading some of these books that talk about diversity, racial issues, the color of our skin and many uncomfortable topics will help me discuss tough issues with Ire as she gets older. Olu and I want Ire to know that being black is a wonderful thing, having kinky hair is beautiful and she can grow up to be whatever she wants to be no matter her gender or the color of her skin. Ire will know to use her voice and be a part of the change when it comes to racial issues, social injustice and any type of injustice in the world.

Our Top Three Books At The Moment 

  1. Sulwe (ready about my Sulwe review here)
  2. Rosa Parks (Little People, BIG DREAMS )
  3. Dream Big Little One

Books in our shopping cart

  1. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
  2. Let It Shine: Stories of Black Women Freedom Fighters
  3. It’s In You: A Book For Big Dreamers
  4. Chocolate Milk, Por Favor: Celebrating Diversity with Empathy
  5. My Hair Is A Garden
  6. Hair Love
  7. Please, Baby, Please
  8. Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race

Photographed by SMN Studios.