One of my favorite things to do as a mother is creating great memories with Ire. I truly believe that you don’t need to be rich to create fun memories with your kids.  It’s really the most thoughtful and simple things that matters. I had many plans for this Summer like going on dates, visiting museums , aquariums etc. Because of  the lockdown, we weren’t able to do much. I’m really glad that Ire and I were able to have brunch together for Valentine’s Day back in February. Yes, creating memories with the littles is harder now because of Covid but it’s doable- you just have to get creative. Today, I’m sharing five ways to create memories with your littles at home.

  1. Once a day, I stop whatever I’m doing to blast some music and dance around the house with Ire. This sounds so silly but boy does she love it!! In fact, we have our favorite songs and she looks forward to this. Would you believe that she even knows most of the lyrics to the songs?
  2. Other times, it’s us riding in the car and stopping at a local fresh bakery to get some cupcakes
  3. We have a playground behind our house that she is always happy to visit. If you don’t have one, a park is a nice alternative.
  4. Cuddling is another favorite thing we love to do. It doesn’t have to be for long and sometimes it’s even while I’m working.
  5. We do a lot of random/spontaneous things with her. It could be putting her on our bed and letting her jump into our arms, playing hide and seek and even tickling her.  Al these things are simple and priceless but she loves it so much and because she does, this brings us so much joy.

Photographed by SMN Studio