I seriously try not to wear a lot of denim with the Hipster Mix challenges but I can’t help myself since that’s what I wear mostly????.  Today’s look features one of my newest addictions, this camel vest that was just worn here.  I’m happy to finally wear my white and gold New Balance Sneakers that has been sitting in my closet collecting dust paired with one of Olu’s old casual tee- one of the perks of dating someone slim

Are you new to le blog and not familiar with the Hipster Mix challenges?  They are about recreating whatever outfit I post on Fridays.   You have 6 days- the following Thursday, to do a recreation of the outfit.  I’ll pick the best look by the following Thursday and share it on my social media accounts and blog.


  • From Friday-Thursday you have to re-create this look
  • Post it on Instagram using hashtag #HipsterMix.
  • If you’re not on Instagram, you can email me your picture (SkinnyHipsterBlog@gmail.com).
  • Don’t forget to have fun with it, the outfits only has to look similar.  It doesn’t have to be the exact look ;-)

DSC_6161 DSC_6169 DSC_6172 DSC_6178 DSC_6179 DSC_6181 DSC_6185 DSC_6190 DSC_6199 DSC_6201 DSC_6208

Lipstick: Mac ‘Ruby Woo‘| Vest: J.O.A, Budget Friendly ($32.45)| Jeans: Love These, More Styles| New Balance: Limited Edition, Similar, Love These.

Photographed by Tulux

With Love Always
 Signature Blk