I’ve always been a fan of black and white photos because it’s so raw,  honest and artistic.  It brings out the beauty in an image without much distractions, it’s transparent. Thanks to my friend, Sunny I’m even more in love with black and white photos.  Sephia is also great (:

PA0_6114-3588146197-O PA0_6191-3588146904-O PA0_6246-3588147560-O PA0_6249-3588147620-OPA0_6353-3588149261-O PA0_6444-3588150759-O PA0_6451-3588150870-O PA0_6454-3588150908-O PA0_6455-3588150932-O PA0_6457-3588150969-O PA0_6458-3588150982-O PA0_6511-3588151880-O PA0_6513-3588151931-O