Happy Thursday my loves. My nails were done by Bleu Lily.PA0_4764-3469431348-O PA0_4766-3469415241-O PA0_4767-3469415313-O PA0_4768-3469415194-OPA0_4771-3469415393-O PA0_4775-3469415477-O PA0_4780-3469415705-O PA0_4786-3469416156-O

If you go on the Daniel Wellington Website (here) and enter “SkinnyHipster” under discount code, you will get 15% off your entire purchase until next week Monday, September 15th.PA0_4789-3469416155-OMac Rebel Lipsitck| Daniel Wellington Watch (c\0)| J.Crew Sweater (similar)| American Eagle Shorts (similar)| Birkenstock (similar)

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