Hey Y’all!! I spent this weekend doing absolutely nada, and it felt so good. I was just so damn tired so I spent most of my time taking naps throughout the day and also catching up on one of my favorite shows, Homeland. I’ve not really been able to keep up with my shows over the last year or two so I’m finally getting to do that. I’m not the wait 7 days to watch new episodes kinda gal, I love to binge watch lol. I intend on also doing this when the baby comes, I’ve been told that there are many sleepless nights to look forward to. My mom-in law came and cooked for us and my mother also cooked- God bless their hearts. They both spoil me so much and I love it!!

Today’s post shows you my love for pom poms! I love anything pom poms and tassels. This dress is very casual, it’s something I would wear to a friend’s get to together or a summer cookout. I decided to pair it with my colorful pom pom sandals to go with the dress’s vibrant color & accents. I kept the rest of the look simple and the afro is a statement on its own.

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Lip Creme 
//Dress, More Options/ Sandals, Budget Friendly.

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