O C T O B E R is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I decided to do a photo-shoot dedicated to this serious cause

Fast Facts
Breast cancer
in the United States is—

The most common cancer in women, no matter your race or ethnicity. In 2006 (the most recent year numbers are available)191,410 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. 40,820 women died from breast cancer.

Can Men Also Get Breast Cancer?
Although not common, men can also get breast cancer. In men, breast cancer can come at any age, but is most common in men who are between 60 and 70 years old. For every 100 cases of breast cancer, less than 1 is in men.

Please visit:www.nationalbreastcancer.org/ for more information

The boys and girls that allowed me to borrow their scooter and bicycle :-).

Pink Blazer: H+M
Green Bow Tie:Brother’s Bow Tie Collection
Black Wedgies:Aldo
Photographer: PaOsin.com