I’m excited for Easter tomorrow!! After streaming our church service online, I’ll make brunch for the fam. Growing up in a Christian home, Easter and Christmas were always a big deal for us. As a Christian, Easter is a time to reflect and be reminded of God’s love for all of humanity. Christ came to this world without sin to give us eternal life. After attending church service on Easter Sunday we spent the rest of the day feasting and hanging out the family.  I’m excited to continue this tradition with my own family. I have some fun activities and toys for Ire to play with tomorrow, courtesy of her god-mother. I can’t wait to see the excited on her face!! I’ve also ordered some donuts that I’ll be picking up in the morning before service and make brunch style food.

Cooking can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. One of the things that helps is creating themes, prepping ahead and having at least one thing that everyone would like. For example, tomorrow’s theme is brunch so that simplifies everything for me. The good news about today’s featured food is that it doesn’t need much prepping. I added almond milk and water to the pancake mix and cooked both bacon and sausage on the stove for less than five minutes. family time

As much as I love a very delicious food, presentation matters a lot to me. I don’t want one or the other I want my food to taste good and also Plating is a lot harder than it looks but I’m happy to share that I’m getting better because practice makes perfect. I’m considering writing a blog post on that as I continue to improve.

Plating tips 

  1. Pick right size plate
  2. Pick complementary plate color
  3. Play with textures
  4. don’t overcrowd your plate (serve smaller portions)
  5. Use edible garnish and decorations
  6. Keep it simple, sometimes less is more
  7. Add striking colors for visual appeals


  1. Eggs
  2. Bacon
  3. Butter
  4. Sausage links
  5. Fruit of choice
  6. Pancake mix for Waffles
  7. Waffle maker
  8. Sweetener

How to make waffles with pancake mix

  1. whisk pancake mix with milk + water + butter in a bowl
  2. dab oil in waffle iron if you don’t add butter to your mix
  3. preheat waffle iron
  4. pour mix in
  5. let is cook for 2-3 mins

There is a step by step instructions of me cooking this on my IG story, it’ll be up for 24 hours.

Serving: Waffles + Scrambled Egg + Bacon + Sausage + Strawberries