PA0_9086-3234895576-OI sometimes stare at my closet in amazement.  I can’t believe how many clothes I have. I keep telling myself that I seriously need to stop shopping until I wear some of my older pieces.  Since that never happens, I’ve been mixing a lot of my old pieces with newer ones.  I bought this dress from H&M over a year ago and I forgot about it until I was looking for what to wear to church. Funke reminded me about it, since we had bought it on a girls day shopping trip. Since the dress is very embellished, I wore bright lipstick, pearl studs and my River Island sandals that you can buy here.  Of course I forgot to wear earrings while taking this picture (lol).



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I love these River Island sandals- get yours here.PA0_9099-3234895790-O PA0_9101-3234895839-OPA0_9103-3234895845-O

Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo. Dress: H&M. Shoes: River Island.

Nails via Bleu Lily.

Pictures By: PaOsin.