Top Three Modern Styles of Bridesmaids Dresses

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honour for anyone, and it’s also one of the best ways to
enjoy a wedding. While you don’t have to cope with all the pressure associated with being the bride,
you still get to be in the limelight, a leading feature of the wedding. Similar to the wedding gown itself, the bridesmaids gowns will be seen by everyone and it’s of vital importance that they enhance the look of the bride and the overall look of the wedding. Traditionally, bridesmaid dresses were always similar to the bride’s dress. This tradition dates back to Roman times, when it was customary for the bridal party to dress in a similar fashion to confuse evil spirits that would visit the wedding and try to kidnap the bride.

The style of bridesmaid dresses have evolved significantly throughout the centuries. Today it’s
common for the bridesmaids outfits to be inherently different than the brides dress to allow the
bride to shine in all her glory.

Strapless Chiffon Dress with Draped Bodice

If the wedding gown has straps then the bridesmaid dresses should be strapless! This is one modern
wedding ‘rule’ that is fairly common in weddings today and no dresses follow this rule more than a
strapless, knee length number in chiffon with a draped bodice.

As this style of bridesmaid dress is particularly pretty and feminine it is perhaps best suited in pastel
shades of pale pink, purple or blue.

V-neck Sleeveless Cocktail Length Dress

The same rules apply here, if the bride’s dress is strapless or with sleeves, the bridesmaids should
contrast by wearing a v-neck and sleeveless dress.

The classic knee-length cocktail dress in this style is particularly appealing at a wedding. Stick to
darker, conventional cocktail dress colours and include a sexy belt at the natural waist.

One-Shoulder Cocktail dress

A cocktail-style dress that comes down to the knee with an asymmetrical, one-shoulder top has
become very popular with modern brides. Darker colours of navy blue, burgundy and forest green
that contrast significantly with the bride’s dress make a really striking picture.

Add a matching belt together with a self-trimmed hem or a cascade ruffle at the front of the skirt to
really make this look your own and ensure both you and the bride stand out – for the right reasons.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

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