Keeping it real, working from home with a toddler isn’t the easiest task in the world. Realistically completing tasks would take longer than usual with no help but it can be done. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed with how to joggle being home with your tots during this corona virus pandemic, I’ve got you. As you probably know, this is the norm for Ire and me so I wanted to share some advice/ home activities for toddler during this time.

  • Routines and schedules are vital because it creates structures and that sets the tone for the day. Structure is very important, especially during stressful times like this- it creates normalcy. It may be difficult at first but be patient and keep at it and I know you and your tot will adjust.
  • Reading I absolutely love reading with Ire and to see the progress that she’s making. I always try to sound excited and use different tones while reading to Ire so she isn’t bored. It always does the trick, she laughs and it makes me happy. This takes a lot of time because we read several books together daily. This is also good because reading exposes children to more words and this plays a huge part in their developmental. Reading helps children develop not only language but also sharpens their listening skills and this trains them to understand written words. I recommend reading to you child at least once a day and try choosing specific times because it apparently helps them sit and relax since they know “what time is it.”  It’s also good to involve children, I let Ire touch the books and would sometimes ask what colors she sees in the book. I often post our reading sessions on my IG stories, make sure you follow me if you’re not already. Some of our favorite books are Sulwe, Hair Love, Rosa Parks and Dream Big Little One.
  • Painting Children loves anything with that involves coloring and this includes colored pencils, crayons and color books. . You can get color books such as Also tracing book like This and This, it’s good for toddler’s developmental. These books help children not only with writing, but also introducing them to shapes and numbers in fun ways while sharpening their motor skills. Ire loves this Animal Coloring Book, it’s such a good distraction and also fun for the kiddos. I’m going to order this Magic Drawing Mat today alongside other things. I’m also thinking about getting this Easel or This where Ire can write and color. I love the idea of letting the kids get creative and express themselves and I bet this would keep them occupied for a long time. It’s something the kids can play with while you rest or get some work done.
  • Cook together Obviously at this age, there are certain restrictions to what kids can do but it can be fun. I also understand that not everyone loves to cook like I know but the truth of the matter is that we all have to cook one way or the other during this time. It could also mean having your tots get breakfast ready with you, by removing the lid of the yogurt and trashing it. Whenever I’m in the kitchen, Ire is usually there with me and this is a bonding time for us. Since she is older now, I intend for us to start baking together. For example, if making cupcakes you can hold your baby’s hands while mixing the eggs and dough or have he/she drop the chocolate chips into the mix. Trust me, they would love this!!
  • Get creative I love having random dance sessions with Ire. We typically sing songs that we’re both familiar with or go on Youtube, play afro-beats and we always have so much time just dancing and just being silly together. She loves to dance so this always excites her. If you get tired, you can take a break while your tot continues to dance. I love doing this about an hour before nap-time or bedtime because it wears her out (lol).
  • It’s good to just PLAY Don’t forget that there are also many ways to keep your children entertained. We have a deck and I plan on taking advantage of that now that it’s getting warm outside. I intend on buying  different things to place on our deck such as this Splash Pad, and Ball Pit. She has this Slide but we are missing parts and I also want to buy Sit n Spin. Here is a learning activity desk that is similar to the one that we have at home- Ire really like

I will be sharing more ideas in the upcoming weeks and I just want to advice all the parents out there to please get gentle with yourselves. This is a lot of work to juggle and I know you’re doing a wonderful job, this too shall pass. Do your best and don’t feel guilty!!  It’s ok if you wake up tired and frustrated on some days and only have energy to turn on YouTube for your kids all day. You’ve got this!!! This is the time to also make memories with our babies. It is ok to set aside short periods of time to just play with your child.