When I was Growing up, getting snowed in was a huge deal because schools would either be delayed or closed.  Of course I always hoped for option b- canceled!!  I remember sometimes not doing my assignments thinking it would snow, I’d wake up just to find out that schools were opened- what a bummer (lol). Now getting older, I don’t fancy snow like I used to because work stays open most times and more importantly, I HATE driving in the snow :-p.

With that being said, Since it has refused to rain, I wore this outfit in the snow(lol).  I know it’s a rain coat and boots but what the heck, snows melts to water anyways… DSC_3918 DSC_3920 DSC_3927 DSC_3928 DSC_3935 DSC_3946 DSC_3952 DSC_3954 DSC_3956DSC_3964 DSC_3963DSC_3966mac ruby woo lipstick| topshop raincoat (c\o, red, more)| jeans (similar, more options)| rain boots (similar, love).

Photographed by Tulux Photography.

With Love Always
 Signature Blk