Hi guys, I’m excited to announce that I’m one of the 20 Brand Ambassadors for The Container Store and we will be doing monthly projects for the next six months! I’m really looking forward to sharing all my upcoming projects with you. For my first project, I’m using exclusive new products from The Container Store’s partnership with iDesign and The Home Edit. I’m showing you how I turned Ire’s bathroom vanity into my mini glam section in the house. Even Ire calls her bathroom “mommy’s make up room.” Thank you Ire for sharing your space with me (lol).

Over the years, I’ve gotten tons of makeup from various PR brands and finding where to store them has always a problem for me. I’ve given most of them away to family and friends and have recently stored the rest away in a box. I’m super excited about today’s mini bathroom vanity makeover because I can finally stop digging through boxes whenever I need to find my favorite beauty items. I’ve managed to organize a lot of my cosmetics, most especially the ones that I use often, with the help of The Container Store.

3 Easy Things I did To Organize My Bathroom Vanity

  1. Clean Out: I brought everything out of the cabinets and cleaned it out. I created two piles, what I was keeping and what I was getting rid of. I also cleared the countertop to reduce clutter. This took me less than 10 minutes because there weren’t a lot of things in the cabinets to begin with, lucky me!!!


  2. Brainstorm Ideas: I figured out what I wanted to store which was very easy. I figured it made sense to organize things that I use often. This included all my faithful beauty products such as nail polish, facial cleansers and my makeup products.
  3. Group into Sections: I found it easier to separate all my products by groups. I kept similar products in the same container- cotton wool with my toner, facial wash and brushes with my eyeshadow, power and bronzer.


What I Love About These Products
  • All the products are clear, so, this lets me see what I have and makes it easier for me to know where everything is. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing and works with any design!
  • They come in different sizes and this allows me to mix and match the containers. Since I’m not working with a big space, this makes it possible to store away many things.
    Perfect height!! Literally everything fits into the vanity. Since the products weren’t too tall, I didn’t have to worry about the cabinets not closing. I was able to fit practically everything in- such as, my skin care products, foundation, brushes, lipsticks, q-tips etc.

The products that I used on this blog post

Now that I know where most of my beauty products are, I no longer have to dig around to find my favorite makeup products. Thank You The Container Store!!!