IMG-20151006-WA0077-1Olu and I had our family introduction early this month.  I posted few pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #IntroducingTheKundys.  Introduction in my culture is when the groom’s family officially introduces themselves to the bride’s family, and asks for their daughter’s hand in marriage to their son.  The ceremony was done at my parent’s house with few of our closest friends and families. DSC_1181 The 2 women on the left side are the alaga iduros- Olu’s family spokespeople and the woman on the right is the alaga ijoko- my family’s spokesperson.  The alaga iduros are telling the alaga ijoko that they are here to see my parents.DSC_1182Our spokesperson is here informing my parents that we have guests from Ondo state, Olu’s hometown.DSC_1195After Olu’s family dances in.
DSC_2186I’m not sure what was going on here but I think she’s introducing both families. 
DSC_1210My dad and aunty smiling.DSC_1219Olu is ushered in by some of his friends. 
DSC_2210After my family’s spokesperson said something funny about Olu (inside joke)DSC_1235Olu’s spokesperson introduces Olu to my family, speaks of his qualifications and everything that makes him qualified to be my future husband. 
DSC_2227Olu and his friends has to greet my parents the traditional way, in our culture this is how men greet the adults?DSC_2234Even though Olu and my sister are friends, traditionally he has to greet her by prostrating.  The same applies to every member of my family.  First he greets my parents, aunties, uncles then my big sister and her husband. DSC_1258After the introduction between both families, I was finally ushered in by my friends and my family’s spokesperson led us in.  This is me dancing in with friends. The rest are still dancing in from upstairs (lol).DSC_2260I was being introduced to Olu’s family.  The woman representing my family is speaking on my behalf and saying things that makes me qualified to be a good wife.  DSC_2263Time to hug my parents and thank them for how they’ve always taken care of me.
DSC_2276DSC_2294Olu comes to meet me and we sat down.  IDK but something was pretty funny to us lol…DSC_2344Yah, finally seating- Yippie!!!DSC_2362Us conversing while the ceremony continues.  This is me smiling for the camera while Olu gists away lol. By the end of the night, my cheeks were so sore from all the smiling and laughter.DSC_1292My parents prayed for us.
DSC_1297This is Olu’s mom praying for us.DSC_2376DSC_1309All those that were present passed a bowl around and put money inside as a gift for us.
DSC_2305Olu’s mom and a family friend.
DSC_2307My parents 
DSC_2338My big sister and her hubby.DSC_2342 Olu’s sister- Sis. Sade.DSC_2357My papa!
DSC_2441There was an exchange of gift by both families and closing prayers.
20151004_171146Selfie with some of my amigos after getting dressed.
20151004_182738More selfies with aunties and friends.20151004_191136With Mummy Obayanju.
IMG-20151004-WA0093Our #ThugLife pose lol.
IMG-20151004-WA0108The queen of selfie herself, Sunny!
IMG-20151005-WA0027My cuzzos, Ade and Folakemi.20151004_182851Kadija + Sunny + Lola!IMG-20151005-WA0028Olu’s sisters and mom.
20151004_192555With Arinola.Screenshot_2015-10-26-01-55-03-1Funke + LV+ BJ
20151004_20015120151004_195912My custom made Leah Victoria dress, to get a similar dress or anything made, please email

Special thanks to all our family and friends that really made October 4th a memorable day for us.  We didn’t get to take pictures with everyone but we have more celebrations coming up… 1 Down 2 to go!.

Professional pictures by Tulux and the rest were taken with our phones.

With Love Always
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