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There were lots of emotional moments, and as a crybaby I couldn’t stop crying lol  

I also laughed alot…
PAO_0423-2028422933-O Yemisi & I
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My partners in crime, Fatima & JarrettDSC_2094-2028423012-O
Mi familia- my sister & brotherDSC_1840-2028422668-O DSC_1846-2028422766-O 
Memi & Dapo’s unforgettable. This was my favorite bridesmaid outfit of all time because not only was it very beautiful but it is very wearable…again (: I’m in love with Chiffon; such a soft and romantic fabric. I think it works for all body types. I wish I had pictures from the reception to show you guys because the decor was truly heaven on earth.

Pictures by PaOsin

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