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These monochrome trousers were one of last year’s Christmas gifts and I immediately wanted to do an androgynous look when I saw them and thought of my old Zara blazer. Even though I love brights and wear lots of prints, I also love keeping it simple, timeless and classic with black and white. The pants are now on sales for $14.95 at your local H&M store. PAO_4789-2360056285-O PAO_4791- 2360056709-O PAO_4792-2360056950-O PAO_4793-2360057165-O PAO_4787-2360055876-O PAO_4813-2360061122-O PAO_4812-2360060966-O PAO_4788-2360056073-O PAO_4816-2360061541-O PAO_4814-2360061279-O
Lipstick: Mac (here)
Clutch:F21 (similar here)
Shirt: H&M(similar here & this)
Blazer:Zara (similar here, love this)
Pants: H&M (similar here)
Heels: BcbGeneration (sold out, get orange color here)
 Pictures by  PaOsin.
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