unnamedHi guys! Last week I meant to include support in the post about “5 things you need as a new mom” but I decided not to. Shout out to Queen who wrote under my Instagram picture that the support of her family is what got her through the tough moments. Lately, I’ve been so tired and stressed out that I just don’t have the energy to give to anyone else. I find that Belle is taking that all for herself! Sometimes it is very hard for me to explain in actual words and I feel like some people may not understand, but I’ve honestly stopped caring about that.  There are times I feel like talking and so many times that I see my phone ringing that I just ignore. I’m all about self love now- taking time out to have some “me time.” At this “new mom” phase, I have been relying heavily on the support of my family – my husband, our parents, siblings and some close friends. Having someone to watch the baby for a few hours so you can nap, run errands, have sexy time with bae, anything, it’s so important and I don’t take my village for granted. It’s a blessing to have people to call on when you don’t feel strong enough to do it alone. I know not everyone is geographically close to their family like us, so in that instance I would suggest seeking out Mommy meet-ups in your area. I honestly don’t see myself doing this but I have a friend who connected with other moms through this route. Another bonus is that you get to leave the house and get fresh air. I will also suggest finding a community of Moms at church or anywhere you frequent- this is what is currently working for me. It’s funny because I have been making most of my new conversations with moms via Instagram.  If you ever have any questions or feel the need to talk to someone you can always write your comments here, IG (I read them ALL) or email and I will definitely respond.

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