Mother It’s your birthday today…
iLook back at your [50] years of freedom
It’s amazing how far you’ve come
How white your hair has grow even at this age
worry, stress, sadness, strife has toughened you
Mama, remember when your life was still “Dissebled”
How you needed a man to put you together
he happened to be a foreigner…partly the reason for your
current ailments…in restrospect Mama,
did he choose what was best for you?
…In my gratitude for conceiving me, Mama…
I ask you, “can I come home?”
Can I come home to embrace the inheritance you left me?
…Mama, can I use my talents and abilities to help you?
…iLove you Mama…You will reap the fruits of your good labor.

Happy Birthday- I got this excerpt from a poem that my friend wrote in 2008 about our Country, Nigeria. The author’s name is Nwanbundo Onyeabo and the name of her book is Out of Curiosity

These pictures were taken at a friend’s surprise birthday party. As you can see, iHad loads of fun :-). This post is Dedicated to Nigeria, Happy Independence day!!! In these photographs, I’m wearing the colors of my country, Green-white-Green. iShall post something new in a couple of days…HAVE A L O V E LY WEEKEND!!!

Green Harem Pants: F21
Black Pumps: Aldo
Seyi’s Tank Top