Today’s “How-To” focuses on putting together bright bold hues in a way that avoids looking like a bag of skittles. If this is a little out of your comfort zone, you can take baby steps.  Brighten up your looks by adding a vibrant colorful handbag or scarf to your fall outfits.  If you’re going for the LBD (little black dress), accent with a colorful cocktail ring, or go for neon colored shoes, instead of the typical black pump.  I love working neon colors into my staple accessories and choice of nail colors. Still living on the dark side? What better way to electrify your wardrobe than to put on a bright, colorful outfit.
Special Shout-out to Michelle for making this post possible Xo(:

Blouse: hm / Blazer & Skirt: bcbg / Sandals: zara