PA0_6600-3645379287-O Hi guys, hope you had a very productive week!! Below are the instructions you need to follow in order to participate in this week’s Hipster Mix challenge. Enjoy!PA0_6604-3645379444-O PA0_6610-3645379599-O PA0_6612-3645379664-OPA0_6587-3645379008-OPA0_6594-3645379063-O PA0_6613-3645379640-OPA0_6618-3645379798-O PA0_6619-3645379846-OMac “Ruby Woo” Lipstick| Similar Earrings| Similar Bracelet| Similar Sweater ( more styles)| Zara Pants (try these dust pink, if curvy, more styles) : Aldo Heels.

Every Friday I post a look with the hashtag #HipsterMix. I want to see how you recreate the look. I’ll pick the best look by the following Thursday and share it on my blog


From Friday-Thursday you have to re-create Friday’s look

Post it on Instagram using hashtag #HipsterMix.

If you’re not on Instagram, you can email me your picture (

Remember, the outfit does not have to be orange on orange, it could be blue or blue or any other colors.  As long as it is a close resemblance to what I have on (-:

Thanks For Stopping By

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