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Happy Monday lovers!!! On Saturday I went to a really nice restaurant, at a secret location lol.  For  appetizer, I ordered shrimp & crab dip and ate mashed potatoes, grilled steak and shrimp as my main course. The food was mouth ordering & I really enjoyed myself.  Yesterday was also a fun day for me!! One of my friends came over to helped me paint my room.  I’ve been arranging and moving things around since then and  I must admit, it’s a lot of work.  I did not know redoing my room was going to take this much time but I’m very satisfied with the results so far.  After talking about wanting a room make-up for years, I finally did it- yah me!!!  What did you guys do over the weekend?
Outfit// Clutch: L.A.M.B. Dress: H+M Shoes: Zara (purchase HERE)
Pictures by PaOsin