IMG-20141226-WA0002Hi guys!! We had a Christmas party at the church on the 25th of December.  Funke and I worked so hard to put everything together and it turned out very nice.  My only request for that day was for Funke to make Leah-Victoria and I a matching outfit with this beautiful fabric.  She made us both a off shoulder puffy dress and we looked like twins!!! Now who’s Skinny Hip, obviously LV (lol).

  If you want a dress like this made or anything similar please email Funke at
IMG-20141226-WA0011 IMG-20141226-WA0019 IMG-20141226-WA0022 IMG-20141226-WA0030Ruby Woo Lipstick (here)| Dress: contact Funke, similar, similar)| Shoes (patent leather, budget friendly).

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