i-8jqLL5H-X3Today I’m taking a break from “Hipster Mix” and sharing what I wore to my sister’s traditional wedding.  Since her colors were fuchsia and orange, I went with fuchsia and gold sequin.  After changing my outfit style about 50 million times (lol), Funke ended up making me a high neck top with a low back paired with iro (the buttom aka the wrapper).   I will be posting more pictures soon, Enjoy!


i-bWNKzFW-X2 i-7mWgZC4-X2i-4M486GH-X2 i-dpB9WPM-X2Photographed by PaOsin.

Gele by Total Perfection, Outfit by Leah Victoria and Make-Up by Shandy Sue

With Love Always
 Signature Blk