lipstick: smashbox
earrings: love these and these
bag: try this
outfit set: sold out, love this, this, this, and this
sandals: love these

Lately, it has been so hard to find inspirations and I feel like I’m stuck. As an entrepreneur, it’s sometimes hard to find inspirations because we usually work in the same environment and don’t really get the opportunity to interact with people. It is also hard to create a work-life balance. We work at all hours, don’t always have help and neglect many things that can lead to a burnout.

Here are six things that has been helping me find inspirations for creative new ideas.

Writing down my ideas: This may seem like something small but it’s actually a huge deal. This is where the notes app on my iPhone comes in. I have a section for all sorts of ideas such as captions, outfit details, photoshoot locations, anything blog/ video and social media related. I tend to be forgetful so jotting down my ideas makes it easier for me to go back and edit.

Working in new environments: Often times we fail to realize that our physical surrounding plays a huge role in our thought processes. Ire is currently with my parents so I’ve decided to take advantage of that and head over to a local Panera or coffee shop near me today.

Spending less time on my phone: Usually one of the first things I do when I wake up is grab my phone and head over to social media. I’ve learned that it’s good to take a break at times. This gives you time to actually think and reflect and this can bring clarity.

Quiet time: This kind of ties with spending less time on your phone. Having quiet time reduces stress for me and also brings new ideas.  I also enjoy having a daily quiet time with God. This is where I read my devotion, pray and have a heart- to heart with my creator.

Asking Questions: I love to ask friends and loved ones questions to get different perspectives. I’m also very open to ideas and suggestions. You’d be shocked what helpful information often comes from this. Take advantage of technology and do online research.

Working out: I’ve been slacking in this area but I’m resuming tomorrow. I’ve noticed that exercising really helps me think and function better

The one thing that I don’t do but needs to improve on is reading. Anytime I read, I’m enlightened and inspired. I need to really work on this.