Motherhood is something that I feel no one is ever fully prepared for. It can be challenging at times but full of many blessings and rewards. The first 2 months were a little rough for me but things have gotten much better as she is getting older.  So many things that I used to nag and complain about feels like a blur, and some I can’t even remember.

Being a mother has so many perks, much more than picking out cute outfits. The ability to have a little girl look up to me and able to make an impression on a young woman of the future is a big deal for me. Knowing that my daughter can grow up to be whatever she wants and not be held down by society’s standards of what a woman should and shouldn’t be. She can be an engineer, pilot, chef, doctor, model or maybe even a President. To know I have the opportunity to mold/shape her into a phenomenal woman is something that I do not take lightly. I hope I can be a great source of support and something that she can always look up to for guidance and reassurance as she continues to grow. I cannot wait to watch Ire Step forward and blaze her own trails.
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