Traditionally, people tend to lean towards darker colors such as brown, gray, navy blue and black during the Fall/Winter season but I’m not most people (lol). I’m a lover of all things bright and bold, so get ready to see me rock bold colors all year round.

makeup forever ‘artist rouge’ lipstick|river island top (on sale)|gap jeanssimilar jacket, love this, this| love these pumps, budget friendly option.
Wearing bold colors is a statement of its own and I’m all for being creative while exploring new fashion ideas. When you wear the unexpected, you exude confidence and most importantly, stand out from the crowd.

Five ways to incorporate bold colors into your Fall wardrobe

Start with a jacket: if you’re not a fan of bright colors or you have a simple style, start with a bright jacket. I would recommend orange, red, mustard, pink or blue because they are so versatile and can be worn with pretty much everything. Wearing a bright jacket over any outfit would instantly brighten up your look.

Go bright or go home: if you don’t mind stepping outside your comfort zone, mix bold colors together. I promise you won’t be disappointed!! One of my favorite color combinations is red and pink because it’s so unexpected. When I think of pink, romance and sweetness comes to mind and with red, I think of power and strength. Pairing these colors together always creates a bold look.

Head-to-toe: Go for a monochromatic look, wear a single-color hue and extend by using different shades of the same color. Dressing head-to-toe in one hue is always chic and you can never go wrong. This is easy to achieve as long as you have tops, bottoms and accessories in the same color but different shades. You can start by making sure your top and bottom are two different shades and work your way around that.

Accessories: if you’re not comfortable enough to try any of the above suggestions, be bold with your accessories. We often underestimate the need of an accessory, it can transform any outfit from boring to bold. You can easily pair bright scarves with neutral fall colors such as black, brown and dark green. For an EYE CATCHING, look try wearing chunky scarves because they can add the perfect texture to your outfit while keeping you warm.

Red lips: have you ever heard “there is a shade of red for every woman?” Red lips is a great way to make you Fall wardrobe brighter. There is something about red lips—always chic, always classy (no matter the hue).

 I hope you enjoyed reading today’s style post. A friendly reminder, whatever you decide to wear, make sure you’re happy and comfortable.

Photographed by Sulaemn Studio