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Happy New Month!! This has been an extremely lazy week for me, being stuck in the house for almost 3 days was no joke. Most of my “hard work” consisted walking towards the fridge, opening it, putting food on my plate, eating and catching up on some of my favorite shows. Did I mention surfing through the net?  I was supposed to workout yesterday and I just couldn’t bring myself to it **covers face** I promise to do better.
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Fortunately for me, my loved ones and I were not really affected by hurricane Sandy.  Special thanks to all the well-wishers. My prayer goes out to all the victims that were and is still impacted by the storm.
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To see how I styled these trousers earlier this year, click here. nifesimijpg0211-2159489636-O

I posted my first fashion haul video yesterday, to watch it click here.

Chunky Bracelet: BCBG

Orange Bracelet: Hermes (buy orange and silver here)
Bomber Jean Jacket: DKNY (really like this)
Pants: H&M (similar here)
Shoe: Aldo (here, try this)

 Pictures by PaOsin

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