Having a toddler means doing laundry allllll the time. I’ve been on a hunt to find the perfect detergent for my little after we stopped using Dreft. By the way, I would definitely recommend using Dreft for your newborns because it works and also leaves their clothes smelling like Heaven. Some months ago, I asked on my IG page about baby detergent recommendations and received many great feedbacks. I tried the most popular one and just wasn’t satisfied. I still saw few stains after the clothes were washed and also, the clothes just didn’t look the same. Being skeptical, I decided to try another detergent that a friend (AKA Christina) recommended- Seventh Generation, and it worked like a charm on Ire’s clothes. I’ve been using the lavender scent liquid option and hope to try the fabric softener sheets next. When it comes to scented soaps, candles, air-fresheners etc I’m not a huge fan of most scents, so, I typically play it safe with anything lavender and vanilla. I love the lavender smell because it smells lovely without being overbearing.

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Seventh Generation Detergent For Your Babies

  1. Natural Plant Based so you don’t have to worry about harsh and toxic chemicals. It’s also gentle for children with sensitive skin, no need to worry about skin itching, rashes and breakouts.
  2. Provides Both Scented and Unscented Options so you decide what works best for you.
  3. Leaves Clothes Fresh & Clean– unlike the detergent I tried before this, it actually cleans the clothes without changing the quality.
  4. Removes Stains– this was a huge deal for me. Keeping it real, Ire hardly gets steins on her clothes but accidents are bound to happen and I wanted a detergent that was not only natural but one that leaves clothes clean like the other popular chemical brands.