Apple is a staple in our house and one of Ire’s favorite fruits. So much that she practically eats it daily. I was excited when Funke told me about going apple picking with the kids. The healthy side of me was happy about picking fresh apples with no preservatives and the mother in me wanted Ire to have fun. This was my first time going apple picking and third time going to a farm. I wasn’t sure what to expect but thank God for Funke, she’s a pro at any kids related activities.

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If you’re like me and not sure what to expect, I’ve made it easy for you. Read about what to expect and some of my apple picking tips below.

You stand in line and wait for a trailer to take you to the apple trees. The line wasn’t long for us and the ride was less than five-minutes long. This experience was really cool, most especially for the kids.

There are different activities on the farm: pumpkin picking, petting zoo, playground, moon bounce etc. It cost $1 for each child to play in the moon bounce for about five minutes.

The farm sells food and everything we had was really delicious. Benjamin had hot dog, Leah shared her fries and chicken nuggets with Ire and we all ate funnel cake and drank lemonade.

They have a shop that sells things such as different sauces, apples, drinks, pies etc. Ire was tired and ready to go so I didn’t have time to shop but I was able to buy a big jar of organic apple sauce at a very cheap price.


  • Do your research. All you literally have to do is google “best apple picking farms near me.” I would call just to make sure you could still come and do it and you’re good to go. We went to Baugher’s Orchards and farms in Westminster Maryland which is about 30 minutes drive from me.
  • Make it a group trip!!  I don’t think Ire and I would have had as much fun if we went by ourselves. Going with her god-mom, her kids and mom made the entire day so fun and memorable. We also spent about three hours at the farm
  • Wear rain boots for kids!! You’re literally going to a farm so expect to be greeted by dust. You child is going to run around for some hours and rain boots are very easy to clean.
  • Check the weather and dress appropriately. Ire gets hot easily so I wanted her to be comfortable and warm. She wore a turtle neck, overalls, leggings under the overalls, socks, hat, vest and rain boots. I also carried a winter jacket in case it got cold. The only thing I wish I packed were gloves because Friday was windy.
  • Pack easy food such as sandwiches, cookies and granola bars. You don’t want anything messy since you’re pretty much on the go the entire time.
  • If you have a baby toddler take your stroller with you. I was glad Funke convinced me to take ours, this made life so much easier.  I would only recommend taking a jogging stroller or baby carrier. She wasn’t in her stroller the entire time, she came down, picked apples and ran around.
  • Last tip, ENJOY and take plenty Pictures!!

What I wore
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