It feels like every day is laundry day as a mom and this is one of the things that I don’t enjoy doing. I didn’t think doing laundry this many times was possible until I had my baby girl.  Now that Ire is a toddler and very active, everything she wears once gets washed immediately. Can you imagine how often I do laundry? In my dream world, I would have a housekeeper come in once a week just to do my family’s laundry. I’m also familiar with companies offering laundry services to make life more convenient. The only issue is that I would never let anyone do my laundry- I just wouldn’t feel right. With The Laundress, I’ve discovered that laundry doesn’t have to be the worst household chore.I can now combine ire’s laundry with mine and Olu’s by using the Baby Laundry Detergent which makes the job so much easier. The detergent is lightly scented and gentle for baby and kids but cleans so well. It’s great to use for our entire family. If you have trust issues with dry cleaning companies like myself, you really need to try these products because they’re effective and gentle on fabrics because of the ingredients. Dry cleaning is actually harder on fabric meaning it wears faster. 90% of all “dry clean only” items can actually be cared for at home using the right formulas. The Laundress makes a Delicate Wash for laundering silk, chiffon, linen and other synthetics. I also love their Wool & Cashmere Shampoo for washing wool, agoura, cashmere and other knits. These techniques are better for your clothes, cost less, and extend the lifetime of your pieces.All Laundress products contain plant-derived ingredients, free of allergens, petroleum, phthalates, phosphate, parabens, and chlorine bleach. This is important because some of the alternative ingredients in store brand detergents have been linked to things like cancer, allergies, and lung damage. Who knew detergents could have this much effect on our bodies? The Laundress is an eco-friendly laundry and home cleaning line that isn’t just good for our bodies but also the environmentMake sure you visit The Laundress and get 25% off with code: Nifesimi25 through 7/4/19.

More of my Favorite products from The Laundress

Crease Release because I hate ironing with a passion. I love that it smells really good and there is a travel size option for those who are constantly on the go. It removes moderate wrinkles from all types of light weight clothing and fabrics. I recommend using it before steaming any of your clothing and you’ll be good to go.

The Sport Detergent is a new go-to for me since I’m back on my fitness regime. I have to wash my gym uniform regularly since I exercise three times weekly and thanks to The Laundress, you no longer have to pre-soak. Before wash, I let my gym clothes air out and wash in cold water using Sport Detergent. If you love to pre-soak or are noticing a stubborn odor, I’d recommend adding 1 capful of The Laundress Scented Vinegar to a basin of warm water and letting the items soak for 15-20 minutes before laundering. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer but this scented version doesn’t include the off-putting smell of regular vinegar.

The Sport Spray is also a must for your gym shoes and bags, exercise equipment such as yoga mats and other sports gear. It has antibacterial properties to add scent while eliminating odor. I love it for gear that gets sweaty but can’t be laundered.This blog was sponsored by The Laundress. All opinions are my own.
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