Happy Friday beautiful people!! This time last week I was at the WhyHotel location in DC getting ready for a ladies night out. I talked about my stay at the Baltimore location during the summer time, you can read about it here. Feel free to watch my quick room tour on my IGTV.

This dress is from one of Keke’s new collection, click here to buy.

I invited two other moms, Memi and Keke. for a sleepover. Memi and I stayed in the same room while Keke stayed at the other suite.  After checking in, we headed out to one of DC’s new restaurants, St.Anselm. We started the night off with an order of buttermilk biscuits with pimento cheese, blue crab deviled eggs and the monster prawn. For the main course, we ordered crispy young bobo chicken and Ax Handle Rib Eye with mashed potatoes and grilled broccoli as sides. I can’t remember the names of our drinks but they were so good!

Our waiter was extremely nice and the manager even stopped by to say hello and made sure everything was going on well. Overall, the food was very good and we really liked the cozy atmosphere. Although they closed at 11, we were there until almost 1am because we were really having a good time.

Getting back to the hotel, Keke and I wanted to have a mini shoot but we couldn’t get it together lol.Memi sitting pretty, how beautiful is this lobby?

Memi and I headed back to Keke’s room and talked until about 4am. It was really great to relax, have fun and not have to worry about our children or husbands. We love our families but it is very important to get a break. Last week was really the perfect getaway for the three of us because we all have different things going on in our lives. I had fun connecting with two individuals that can relate to where I am in my life at the moment. We had meaningful conversations and I don’t think anyone left the same way they came- I know that I didn’t. We spoke about life experiences, dating, careers and having a purpose driven life. This is something that I would really love to do again.

This is me, happy to be awake on a Saturday without thinking about dirty diapers and making breakfast lol.

Instead, I drank wine.
Enjoying the beautiful view while sipping my tea.

Thinking about calling Olu and letting him that I’d be back in a week’s time.

Me thinking of extending my stay by an extra day lol.

Thank you for having us WhyHotel.