PA0_1877Hola!! I wore this set to my sister in law’s wedding back in July.  I wanted Funke to sew me a cropped top with matching skirt because I was like “just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t show a little skin.”  Nowadays I can’t even be bothered  (lol),  as long as it fits and I’m comfortable I’m good to go.  Looking at these pictures also makes me realize how much weight I’ve gained since July- my nose is wider, feet can’t go inside most of my shoes and my face is definitely chubbier hahah. The joy of being pregnant????.PA0_1873 PA0_1875 PA0_1876PA0_1882 PA0_1886 PA0_1887 PA0_1888 PA0_1896
Earrings (similar)/ Lip-Liner Lip Creme / Top and Skirt: Leah-Victoriah, more options/ Sandals, Try These or These.

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