Hi Guys!! Here is the outfit for this week’s Hipster Mix Challenge. FYI, the outfit doesn’t have to be the exact one I have on,  just something very similar.

Instructions down below:

Every Friday I’m going to post a look with the hashtag #HipsterMix. I want to see how you recreate the look. I’ll pick the best look by the following Thursday and share it on my blog


From Friday-Thursday you have to re-create Friday’s look

Post it on Instagram using hashtag #HipsterMix.

If you’re not on Instagram, you can email me your picture (

PA0_5600-3518088945-O PA0_5602-3518089020-O PA0_5603-3518089256-O PA0_5607-3518089267-O PA0_5609-3518089481-O PA0_5611-3518089617-O PA0_5613-3518089697-O PA0_5614-3518089799-O PA0_5620-3518090193-O PA0_5624-3518090372-O PA0_5631-3518090698-O PA0_5636-3518090879-O PA0_5637-3518091001-O PA0_5651-3518091675-O

Mac “Rebel” Lipstick| BcbgMaxazria Top (grey)| BcbgMaxazria Jacket (shorter version) | Skirt (similar)| Christian Louboutin Pumps.