PA0_6520-3645377389-O Wearing one of my favorite cape jackets from Ann Taylor today.  I’ve been eyeing this jacket for some weeks now but didn’t want to pay full price for it.  Being me, I waited till it went on sale before purchasing it.  The cape is very warm, comfortable and very stylish, what more can a girl ask for?

If you decide to buy this jacket, you won’t regret it- Trust me!

PA0_6523-3645377499-O PA0_6524-3645377546-O PA0_6525-3645377488-O PA0_6529-3645377679-O PA0_6537-3645377808-O PA0_6539-3645377849-ORing is currently on sale, here.

PA0_6542-3645377840-O PA0_6543-3645378016-O PA0_6546-3645378015-O PA0_6549-3645377983-O PA0_6553-3645378153-O PA0_6560-3645378316-OMac Ruby Woo Lipstick| Ann Taylor Ring|  Ann Taylor Jacket| Jeans (similar, more options)| Shoes (similar, try this).