PA0_1555I took these pictures in the middle of June, when my bump was much smaller. I feel like it has definitely doubled in size since then, and I find myself eating more now.  Initially, I vomited everything I ate and when I was able to eat, it had to be in tiny portions. Now I’m free to eat like a mad person lol.  Anytime Olu sees me eating, he laughs but I’m always like “I know you’re not talking” because Olu is the real pregnant person in the house, his appetite is undefeated, lol.

This crepe T-shirt midi dress works so well for my bump because of the soft jersey fabric.  Plunge neck is something that I’ve been wearing more and more with my pregnancy- it’s so sexy!!  Since the outfit is so simple, I decided to add some fun with my colorful sandals.  P.S. dress is on sale for just $20, buy yours here before it sells out!
PA0_1556 PA0_1558 PA0_1559 PA0_1562 PA0_1563 PA0_1565 PA0_1566 PA0_1568 PA0_1569 PA0_1575 PA0_1598Lip-Liner Lip Creme /Earrings Here (DM her on IG), try HereDress ($20), More Navy Options/ Shoes, Love These.

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