Hi guys, sorry for the late post but I had a very busy and hectic day.  This is this week’s  Hipster Mix outfit.  As I stated earlier on this week, the  looks for the Hipster Mix challenge will be posted on Fridays and you’ll have till the following Thursday to submit your looks.

 Instructions down below:
 Every Friday I’m going to post a look with the hashtag #HipsterMix.   I wanna see how you recreate the look. I’ll pick the best look by the following Thursday and share it on my blog
 From Friday-Thursday you have to re-create Friday’s look
 Post it on Instagram using hashtag #HipsterMix.
 If you’re not on Instagram, you can email me your picture (
I’ll be picking my top look  for a giveaway at the end of this month.

PA0_0176-3363960791-O PA0_0184-3363961309-O PA0_0190-3363961611-O PA0_0197-3363962003-O PA0_0200-3363962252-O PA0_0205-3363962540-O PA0_0202-3363962375-O PA0_0208-3363962800-O PA0_0182-3363961248-O PA0_0180-3363961168-OMac Lipstick| Top (H&M, try this)| Skirt: H&M (similar here)| Shoes (sold out, love these)