I remember when my cousin made me these shorts some years ago, it’s still my favorite ankara shorts to date.  I so much like this fabric and would love to have something else made with the remaining scraps.PA0_0144-3363959135-O PA0_0146-3363959214-O PA0_0147-3363959308-O PA0_0148-3363959313-O PA0_0150-3363959431-O PA0_0153-3363959665-O PA0_0154-3363959704-O PA0_0159-3363959954-O



PA0_0169-3363960416-O PA0_0162-3363960064-O PA0_0171-3363960541-OMac “Rebel” Lipstick| Top (love this)| Shorts(via VL), love this| Converses sneaks.