Great hair days are the ultimate confidence booster, I’m sure you’d all agree. On these days, I often ditch my makeup routine and don’t feel the need to be decked out in some over-the-top outfit—just give me nice, healthy hair. Dyeing my hair with Clairol Nice ‘n Easy has given my natural locks everything I’ve been searching for. The color is not only amazing (I use 4W Mocha Brown), but it has made my hair softer and added a little shine. Best of all, the color didn’t damage my hair. #Winning.
Can you believe that I’ve been natural for over six years, but until now, would hardly ever wear my hair in its natural state? Up until two years ago, I would cut my hair yearly—I mean big chop, a *very* low cut. I stopped doing that because I would always regret it, and would wonder how long my hair would be if I hadn’t touched it. And still, I would always wear a wig. Crazy, right? Clairol has made me feel so comfortable with rocking my natural hair again. Nice n’ Easy permanent hair dye is extremely easy to use (you can do it yourself right at home!), affordable, and the permanent color lasts long. It conditions in every step (hello, soft hair!) and contains a damage blocking technology that allows for my natural hair to be colored without any damage. For this post, I didn’t wear very much make up or go crazy with accessories when shooting. My confidence in my hair makes a statement on its own, and I love it!I’ll still wear my signature wigs from time to time, but more often than before, I go natural and opt for twist outs/braid outs or wear a stretched out afro. Today, I’m wearing my hair in a puff because it rained, and hair shrinkage is real (lol). Ladies, what are some of your go-to natural and/or protective styles?

To learn more about how I dye my hair at-home with Clairol, view my blog post here. Everyone deserves to have the confidence to love their hair, because it makes ALL the difference in how you feel both inside and out.

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